Karyopharm Therapeutics

Karyopharm is a pharmaceutical company whose technology focuses on developing drugs that help treat patients with certain blood cancers or solid tumors. They began in 2008 with a vision of pioneering a new approach to treating patients with cancer and other serious diseases. 

Email Template Design & Dev

I've worked with marketing teams in the pharmaceutial and biotech industry to create modular, responsive and hybrid, html email templates with the addition of Veeva approved tokens, so that sales reps can share targeted, compliant content with their customers. Veeva is a CRM (similar to Saleforce Heatlh Cloud) that pharma sales teams use to send approved content to Health Care Providers.

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Email Design Best Practices

I'm interested in every step of the email campaign and development process because a well-thought-out, user-friendly email design, in combination with the proper html and css markup, is what results in higher opening, click, and conversion rates. I also make sure to test and optimize email templates for both desktop and mobile devices, and that they are GDPR compliant.