visual designer

I create graphics that tell stories and merge design with technology to develop email and marketing content.

Understanding the brand and its customers, leveraging value propositions, and focusing on what makes a product, or brand unique are the key drivers that influence my designs.

email design & development

My inspiration comes from many sources to stay fresh and create new designs. I envision a concept, sketch wireframes and mock-ups, create graphics and sometimes animations, while striving to develop brand building, responsive html emails—driving behavior and creating memorable experiences.

These designs represent recent work from the automotive industry.

To view more email designs, and a variety of projects for other industries visit:

web design

Most of my landing pages and websites start with creating wireframes and prototypes in XD. I select photos and images that will convey a feeling and provoke a response, while aligning harmoniously with written and verbal content, and staying on brand.

Landing pages below are examples of graphics and logos I designed, as well as photographs I selected for each project. I developed the html using Bootstrap or a Bootstrap-type framework along with flex‑box, grid, and custom css styles.

digital graphics

With a love of fine art and illustration, I often bring an illustrative feel—and an eye for clean layout to my work. Using layers and texture, I like to create a sense of depth that feels as though the image is speaking directly to the viewer.

Shown are some examples of the types of illustrations, icons, logos, animations, and web ads that I have created.

I work in Illustrator, Photoshop, AE and Premier Pro, for the most part.

contact me

Please feel free to contact me regarding design work, or a project you have. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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